gurpinder ghuman

Name: Gurpinder Ghuman

Department: Dispute Resolution

Qualification Date: May 2021

What is an average day like?

No such thing as an average day in the department.

After my morning coffee, I review my to do list and emails that have come in since I was last in the office, prioritise workload and start working my way through. That’s on an ideal day.

Sometimes, you have your day perfectly planned out, an urgent matter comes up or there is a twist or a turn in a case and you have to drop everything and work on that.

Alongside the above, there are the usual emails coming in, new enquiries, client meetings etc that are usually a part of an average day.  

What do I enjoy most about my role?

The variety – there is always something new to learn and the best thing is that no two cases are ever the same.

What was my route to becoming qualified?

Not a straightforward one! I started off doing residential conveyancing, then moved into compliance within a Local Authority. I then went back to conveyancing and decided to do my LPC part time. After completing my LPC I applied for training contracts, and was successful following a speculative application at BHW.

What seats did I complete during my training contract?

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Dispute Resolution

What areas of law can I assist you with?

  •  Business Disputes
  •  Property Litigation
  •  Debt recovery
  •  Intellectual Property Disputes

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