Specialist legal advice on business insolvency, restructuring, and demergers

Whether your business is facing financial challenges, shareholder relations have broken down, or you’re preparing the business for sale, BHW’s corporate solicitors can assist you.

Our specialist corporate solicitors can advise on business insolvency, business restructuring, and business demergers. Our team can support you with a variety of scenarios including debt restructuring, administration and liquidation, and company voluntary arrangements (CVAs).

Although business restructuring and business demergers can often come about as a result of business insolvency, there are also other reasons why it may be necessary including shareholder disputes, mitigating risk, tax considerations, staff restructuring, or selling part of your business.

Business Insolvency

If your business is facing insolvency or financial distress, our corporate solicitors can assist with practical and appropriate advice to suit your business situation. BHW can advise on a disposal strategy or work with insolvency practitioners on administration or liquidation matters.

Business Restructuring & Demergers

Whatever your reason for restructuring or splitting your business, it’s important that you involve legal professionals at an early stage. Business restructuring and business demerger transactions can take time and careful planning. The eventual outcome will depend on the current situation, what is trying to be achieved, and who is required to own what after the business restructure or a demerger completes. Our business restructuring experts can work with your accountants to put in place the most tax-effective solution to meet your requirements.

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