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If you are planning a business start-up, you’ll likely be faced with a number of key decisions which could impact on your new business in the future. Seeking legal advice for your business start-up should be a priority for any entrepreneur or a business owner.

BHW’s business start-up solicitors can assist you with those important choices relating to your business formation and incorporation, as well as with shareholder agreements, business premises, terms and conditions of business, employment law and hr or finance and investment arrangements.

BHW’s Corporate team is approachable and friendly and will assist you in starting-up your business as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping you to decide what is best for your new business venture.

Business Incorporation

There are various business structures that can be used to incorporate or form your business. Each will have a different legal status and implications on the business and its owners. Options include becoming a limited company, sole trader, partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP) and our start-up solicitors will be able to advise you on the benefits of each.

Shareholder Agreements or Partnership Agreements

If your business start-up has more than one business owner, it’s imperative that you put in place a shareholder agreement or partnership agreement. A shareholder or partnership agreement will set out how your start-up will be run, provisions for a director or partner leaving the company, how shares are valued and other important considerations.

Business Premises

Your business start-up may require premises for it to operate from. Whether you choose to buy or rent your business premises, you will need legal support to help negotiate any lease or purchase agreement.

Terms & Conditions of Business

Whether you are supplying a product or service, you will need a set of terms and conditions of business between you and your customers. Your terms and conditions of business will set out the obligations of both your business and its customers. Setting out your payment terms and any returns policy is an example of what your terms should cover.

Employment Law & HR

If you are looking to take on staff, putting in place contracts of employment is important to protect your business start-up. It may also be prudent to create a company handbook, setting out the procedures and policies that your staff should follow.

Finance & Investment Agreements

If you have secured finance or investment for your business start-up, timely legal advice will ensure that the arrangement is right for your business and that you understand your obligations and the expectations of the lender or investor.

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