Restrictive covenant dispute solicitors that provide protection for employers

Our commercial litigation team has experience enforcing and defending a range of restrictive covenants including non-solicitation, non-poaching, non-interference and non-competition.

Most employers are rightly concerned about an employee leaving to join a competing business or to start-up on their own. In many cases, employees will have entered into restrictive covenants limiting the damage that they could do in this scenario. Unfortunately, sometimes employees ignore those restrictions and in these circumstances, BHW helps employers to enforce them at Court.

There are limits, however, as to the restrictive covenants that an employer can impose on an employee. BHW’s commercial litigation solicitors can advise on defending restrictive covenant claims from ex-employers.

If you are an employer and you don’t already have restrictive covenants in your employment contracts, or simply wish to review them, BHW’s employment team can also help you implement carefully drafted restrictive covenants into your employment contracts.

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