Here at BHW we have redoubled our efforts to recycle all tin cans, plastic bottles and cardboard used in our Smith Way office.

bhw-recyclingThis is now an established part of BHW office culture and has become second nature. We have been surprised at the size of our ‘plastic footprint’ that is largely generated by drinks containers. We also accumulate a significant amount of cardboard in the way of packaging. Our next step is to try and reduce this by finding alternative containers and sourcing supplies that do not use excessive or bulky packaging. Whilst we work to reduce this, we are endeavouring to ensure that BHW’s current waste should not go to landfill where possible.

It is now widely accepted that over reliance on disposable plastic packaging is part of the worldwide culture shift that needs to be implemented in order to avoid an environmental catastrophe akin to climate change. Plastic pollution is overwhelming our planet and at BHW, we don’t want to contribute to this problem. Knowing that plastic doesn’t biodegrade and it cannot be absorbed by the earth, prompts us all to reconsider the choices we make both at home and at work. Quantifying and encouraging recycling in BHW’s office is part of that shift.

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