cameron connolly

Name: Cameron Connolly

Department: Corporate & Commercial

Qualification Date: February 2021

What is an average day like?

No two days are generally the same as we will be working on multiple matters at the same time. But generally, my day might look as follows: –

8:30am – Arrive at the office, review any emails which I have received over night and consider my “to do list” for the day.

9:00am – Start drafting a share purchase agreement and ancillary documents for a share sale we are undertaking for a client.

11:30am – Send the documents I have drafted to the partner managing the file for their review and sign off. I might also sit in with the partner on a call with the client throughout the morning to ensure that I am up to date with how the transaction is progressing.

12:30pm – I have a short call with my own client in relation to a smaller transaction I am running concurrently to the other matters the I’m working on with other team members.

1:00pm – I take lunch and a walk around the lake opposite our offices.

2:00pm – I review some legal due diligence information we have received in relation to a share purchase we are undertaking and start to consider and structure a report.

4:30pm – A partner receives a question from a client regarding a previous share sale I worked on. I prepare a short email response and forward this on to the client.

5:30pm – I review my work for the next day and update my “to do list”.

6:00pm – Leave the office.

What do I enjoy most about my role?

Working in the corporate and commercial team offers a wide variety of work which is both challenging and rewarding. We also work with a wide variety of businesses and their owners; it’s great to understand how these businesses work and hopefully, to help them succeed. BHW also has a very strong team focused working environment which is supportive and needed when the matters we are dealing can be complex and challenging to resolve.

What was my route to becoming qualified?

University of Leicester – LLB

Nottingham Trent University – LPC


Trainee Solicitor

What seats did I complete during my training contract?

  • Commercial Property
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Employment

What areas of law can I assist you with?

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and sales
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Business start-ups

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