The week gets off to a flying start as we play our part in getting super jumbos off the ground.

We’re advising an aerospace company which is sourcing components for the Airbus A380. It involves us dealing with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the approvals and documentation needed by our venture capitalist-backed client.

Aerospace in the UK is a world-class manufacturing industry and we are pleased, even proud, to be part of the support which helps it compete globally.

We’re members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance, act for several businesses in the supply chains and whilst it is a necessarily complex industry, it is also one with a very tangible outcome when new planes take to the skies.

It’s back to a more grounded, though equally important, subject on Tuesday. We are meeting with investors and doctors involved in the development of a new multi-million pound community medical centre. Legally speaking and medically speaking, it’s a success.

Wednesday I’m delivering personal coaching sessions to the directors of a FTSE quoted company. It’s about the Bribery Act, which is a subject every director of every company should know about. If you’re a director and you don’t know about it, you’d better call me.

Wednesday also sees a spot of late working, as I need to liaise with lawyers in New Zealand. One of our clients is acquiring a business on the other side of the world, so convenient timing has to be mutual for the lawyers to talk. I don’t mention the rugby. They do.

The week’s highlight on the home front is registering the birth of my first child, Joseph. For once I don’t need to read the small print.

Friday and I catch up with one of our trainee solicitors who is currently on secondment to British Swimming, the national governing body for the sport.

We hold the review meeting at the Loughborough University’s new SportPark. The meeting goes swimmingly.

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