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If you are the sole director of a company which has adopted the Model Articles of Association (or Articles based on them) then you need to be aware of a recent case which has surprised many lawyers.

Every company which is incorporated must have Articles of Association which in summary, govern the internal operation of a company.  The Companies Act 2006 provides a default set of Articles of Association which are known as the “Model Articles”. A company is free to adopt its own bespoke Articles of Association but it’s worth noting that bespoke Articles often incorporate parts of the Model Articles.

The Model Articles state that a sole director can run a company provided that there is no requirement for there to be more than one director. The Model Articles also say that there needs to be 2 directors for a board meeting to validly take place (i.e. quorate) but it has been a long-standing industry consensus that this does not impose a requirement for there to be at least 2 directors meaning a sole director can validly make decisions.

However, in Hashmi v Lorimer-Wing [2022] EWHC 191 (Ch), the High Court ruled against the well-established understanding and decided that the requirement for there to be 2 directors for a quorum does impose a requirement for a company to have two directors. The result of this is that a sole director cannot run a company using the Model Articles. Essentially, this casts doubt over the validity of all decisions made by a sole director of a company with the Model Articles.

If you are a sole director or a director who could conceivably become a sole director, you should therefore review the company’s Articles of Association with the above in mind.

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