becky richardson

Name: Becky Richardson

Training Contract Start Date: 1st October 2022

Current Seat: Commercial Property

What was my route to securing my training contract?

My route to securing a training contract is less conventional than others at the firm. Before securing my training contract at BHW, I worked as a paralegal. This allowed me to demonstrate my ability to work under pressure and to a high standard. As a result of my hard work, I was offered the opportunity to interview for a training contract at the firm.

What is an average day as a trainee like?

I normally get into the office between 8:30am – 9am and start my day with a coffee. I then review my inbox and to do list prioritising the tasks that are urgent – although this does not always go to plan! No two days are the same as I assist multiple fee earners on their active matters. I could be speaking to clients, drafting / reviewing documents, and enquiries and then off to a client meeting.

What do I enjoy most about my training contract at BHW Solicitors?

The thing I enjoy most about my training contract is having the opportunity to learn directly from the partners.

What seats have I completed so far and what have I gained from the different departments?

I am currently coming to the end of my first seat in the Commercial Property department. This department has helped me to work accurately under pressure as I have often have had to deal with more than one transaction at a time.

Do you have much contact with clients?

Yes, everyday!

What has surprised you most about your trainee experience so far?

I have been surprised by how friendly and supportive my trainee cohort are. It feels great to be a part of something knowing that everyone is going through the same experiences.

What is the culture of the firm like?

The culture of BHW is very supportive and welcoming if I need to speak to a partner or fee-earner they are always available to help.

What is my top piece of advice for those trying to secure a training contract?

It sounds cliché but the most important piece of advice is to be yourself!

Research the firm and their culture to make sure that you are the right fit for them but ultimately that they are the right fit for you. Working with a firm where you feel comfortable and supported will make your time as a trainee enjoyable.

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