Although the mere mention of the word ‘Brexit’ is almost guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened in the professional community, two of BHW’s commercial property team were pleased to represent the firm at the Handelsbanken-sponsored breakfast talk devoted to the subject and recently held at Provincial House as part of this year’s Leicester Business Festival.

We were pleased to discover that Brexit is not necessarily a subject that should strike either fear or boredom in equal measure. Rather, as made clear by both speakers from Handelsbanken and Haines Watts accountants, we were heartened to understand that Brexit is an opportunity and not a necessarily a gateway to decline or market irrelevance in an increasingly globalised economy.

At present, the British economy remains the fifth largest in the world and, despite the immediate and inevitable dip in markets and confidence caused by the vote to leave the European Union, the situation has stabilised to the extent that the economy continues to grow (albeit at a reduced pace) and has proved to be resilient, so far, in the face of uncertainty.

At a local level, the Leicester commercial property market continues to be brisk, as borne out by the number of instructions continuing to be received at BHW.

The firm was pleased to support Handelsbanken, with whom we have strong links, as well as the Leicester Business Festival itself, described as ‘the region’s largest business event’.

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